The LinkedIn Inbound Playbook

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Grow your business on LinkedIn. Don't chase. Attract.

In 2020, I didn't know what LinkedIn was. In 2024, I reached 34K followers without outbound messages, ads, LinkedIn Premium, and different hacks.

Followers are great, but only if you get inbound customers regularly:

What's inside the Playbook:

  • LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  • Comments Guide for Beginners
  • LinkedIn Growth Recommendations
  • LinkedIn Growth Plan
  • Examples from TOP Profitable Creators

What my customers say:

I answer all your burning questions:

✔️ "How to write my profile?"

✔️ "What works on LinkedIn in 2024?"

✔️ "What/how/when should I post?"

✔️ "What should I do every day/week/month?"

✔️ "How to attract customers and clients?"

✔️ "Olena, what's your LinkedIn strategy?"

What people say on LinkedIn:

Your questions

  1. Do I need a LinkedIn Premium?
  2. Who's this Playbook NOT for?
    If you're looking for tricks, hacks, and not going to do the work.
  3. How fast will I see results?
    I started from 0 and got my first proposal after 3 months. But I was nobody from nowhere with 0 connections and bad English. You will do better :)
  4. Can I be your affiliate?
    Yes! You can sign up as an affiliate here. You'll get 30%.
  5. Can I share it with my team or someone else?
    The first tier is for personal use only. Please do not share it with others or reproduce the content online. If you want to share it with your team, please get a Team version. Love this Playbook? Send your friends this link or gift them a copy :)
  6. Is there a refund option?
    No. It's an instant digital download — there are no refunds. I'm confident that you'll find practical value in my Playbook. If you're not happy, send me a direct message. We'll resolve this problem :)
  7. Will I get free content upgrades?
    Yes. You'll get free content upgrades for life.
  8. Can I get a discount? I'm from a developing country.
    Yes. You'll get a discount (up to 40%).

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LinkedIn Growth Recommendations
LinkedIn Profile Checklist
LinkedIn Growth Plan
Comments Guide for Beginners
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The LinkedIn Inbound Playbook

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