The Customer Research Report: 11 Templates to Organize and Analyze Customer Research Insights

Olena Bomko
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Turn NO to YES with customer insights

You know research matters. You know the key to success lies in understanding your customers better than anyone else. But getting it down on paper is harder than most people think. That's why I created a SIMPLE approach to organizing and analyzing customer research to benefit your business and (or) present results to your clients.

Marketers, copywriters, and business owners use these templates all over the world. And THEY can tell you one thing: THE REPORT WORKS. 

DevSecOps Architect. Consultant (Spain)

Ex-Marketing Director at a Fortune 500 company. Hollywood Screenwriter (USA)

Copywriter for Entrepreneurs & Coaches (Belize)

Content Strategist & Voice Guide creator for service providers & SaaS companies (USA)

Marketing Director at ZIRO (Canada)

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Head of Marketing at Eaton Square (Australia)

Research Strategist & Conversion Copywriter (Canada)

Co-Owner at Web Choice (Great Britain)

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Brand strategist (United States)

Co-founder at Shape & Scale (USA)

Senior Consultant & Foresight Strategist

Copywriter (Belize)

UX Researcher (Brazil)

Marketing Director at ZIRO (Canada)

You (after applying the Templates):

✔️ read your customers' minds (scientifically!);

✔️ acquire more customers;

✔️ systemize your process; 

✔️ write better.

You will have clear answers to questions like:

✔️ Who is your ideal customer?

✔️ What are their jobs-to-be-done?

✔️ What questions do they ask?

✔️ What words do they use?

✔️ How/Why do they buy?

✔️ What problems do they have?

✔️ Who/What influences their buying decision?

✔️ What objections do they have?

✔️ Where do they spend their time?

Who are these templates NOT for?

✔ Marketers who think marketing is 100% art and creativity. 

✔ "We-don't-need-research-we-know-our-customers".


It's an instant digital download — there are no refunds. I'm confident that you'll find practical value in my Report. If you're not happy, send me a direct message. I'll add your feedback on my roadmap.

If you're from a developing country, you can get it with a discount.

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The Customer Research Report: 11 Templates to Organize and Analyze Customer Research Insights

12 ratings
I want this!